New Balance M5740

02 March 2022

New Balance M5740

New Balance M5740

One thing is for sure, the future is absolutely unpredictable.

We know that new days and opportunities will come, carrying with them new paths. However, there is no way to anticipate exactly what is to come.


Strategy and consistency are essential, as is making each choice “the intelligent choice”.


It can be translated in several ways, but there is one choice that is very clear: picking a pair of New Balance M5740.


The robust sole carries an upper of respect with its very own characteristics, which lives up to the model on which it was inspired: the bestseller 574 from the archives of the 80's and 90's.


The branding on the sides is exaggerated, as is the oversized sole, features that were thought out in detail for a distinct aesthetic and an oversized and powerful style.


This is undoubtedly one of the models that will mark the year of 2022.


Discover all available colorways here.

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